A vehicle exhibition event featuring a variety of high end vehicles. The client required a modern, elegant staging solution to illustrate the displayed vehicle as the main stage feature.

Stage Specifications :
  • Gloss Black Floor w/graphics
  • PODs with TV
Team Involved:
  • V3 EXPO
  • V3 TECH
  • V3 HIRE
Vehicles on black flooring constructed and installed by V3
Vehicles were parked on a gloss black flooring installed by our expo team. Custom graphics were then applied to the stage specific to client requirements. This was printed and installed by our design team. The stand also features a TV on an upright standing mount supplied by our tech department.
Pod on a stand build by V3. Pod hire is also available.
Stands feature PODs supplied by our expo team. In this case the POD housed a 42 inch televsion displaying vehicle information. PODs can be customised with any graphics or lighting. To learn more about our POD systems Click here