A multi space function using our double story SYMA, ACM and carpet flooring.

Stage Specifications :
  • SYMA Cubic Double Floor
  • ACM Walls w/graphics
  • Extended carpet flooring
Team Involved:
  • V3 EXPO
  • V3 TECH
  • V3 HIRE
Two storey SYMA event stand
This stand features our two storey SYMA stand with a fully functional upper floor. The stand also features storage space for the exhibitor. The construction is able to be reconfigured to the client's specifications.
STwo storey SYMA event stand with conference area
The client requested an area to seat guests for a presentation. We created a presentation space featuring 3 televisions mounted on the walls and a fully integrated audio system.
SMA Event stand
The back of the SYMA construction featured an extended carpeted area with mounted televisions and a seating space. All graphics were printed and applied by V3 to the client's specifications. Furniture was supplied by V3 Hire.