The Armageddon Expo features three days of gaming, wrestling, animation, cosplay costuming, amusements, ESports, TV + Movie stars and more. Our stands for this expo involve many interactive features such as gaming stations and DJ booths.

Stage Specifications :
  • SYMA Cubic Double Floor
  • ACM Walls w/graphics
  • Clear Floor Staging
Team Involved:
  • V3 EXPO
  • V3 TECH
  • V3 HIRE
ACM Wall event stand
A gaming corner set up with televisions mounted on an ACM wall. These are fully customised with client specified vinyl graphics.
Multi level Syma event stand
A Multi-level SYMA construction which features a top floor used as a DJ booth and an open bottom floor for interactive gaming (with an additional storage room). The entire structure has custom printed vinyl applied. Furniture was supplied by V3 HIRE.
Exterior of event stand
The outside of the stand features custom lighting and blue ACM walls designed and constructed by our EXPO team.